Punjab mineral development corporation was established on 3rd April 1975 under the Punjab Mineral Development Corporation Act, 1975. Punjmin owns and operates 27 leases in different parts of the province. These leases produce Coal, Salt, Gypsum, Bauxite, Silica Sand, Fire clay, Dolomite and Iron ore.


Province of Punjab is blessed with substantial mineral resources of coal, rock salt, gypsum, bauxite, dolomite, silica sand and iron ore. Even with such potential in the Province, mining was ignored and was not given due attention.

The Government of Punjab in order to accelerate the pace of exploration and development of mineral resources in a scientific and planned manner established the Punjab Mineral Development Corporation with effect from April 03, 1975 under “The Punjab Mineral Development Corporation Act, 1975”.

Punjmin has been serving in the mining field since 41 years and has tremendous achievements to its credit. A total of about 46 minerals are exploited in Pakistan, out of which 24 are being exploited in Punjab as well. Punjmin plays a pivotal role in exploitation of the minerals of the province of Punjab.