A few words about PunjMin

Punjmin is the premier public sector mining corporation in the Province of Punjab. Punjmin produces and markets minerals found in the Province of Punjab. Our mission is to enhance the production of minerals, explore the new areas of mining in Punjab and to open the mining trade in South Asia. Our vision is to lead the mining sector of Punjab and turn it to be a safe, prosperous and healthy segment of national economy. Punjab mineral development corporation was established on 3rd April 1975 under the Punjab Mineral Development Corporation Act, 1975. Punjmin owns and operates 27 leases in different parts of the province. These leases produce Coal, Salt, Gypsum, Bauxite, Silica Sand, Fire clay, Dolomite and Iron ore.

The main activities of Punjmin are mining, sale of minerals, drilling and provision of expert advice. Punjmin had sales in excess of Rs.550 million in 2011-12, and earned profit of more than 142 million in the same year.